Nestled in a trove of Nikau Palms, Boho Hill is beautifully renovated and styled, with a relaxed Bohemian/seaside feel. The Boutique Palm Beach Accommodation is made up of individual self contained visitor accommodation set in a subtropical oasis, so guests can holiday in groups (3 groups of 2), or have their own private escape. This idyllic and peaceful Palm Beach accommodation hideaway is within easy walking distance of two pristine, tranquil beaches, and just a ten-minute drive from the main village, Oneroa. Boho Hill offers the perfect base for exploring Waiheke Island.

Your Palm Beach Accommodation

At Boho hill, we have a focus on sustainability. Part of this is due to being situated on an island. Rainwater needs to be collected in tanks; wastewater needs to be free of harsh chemicals, sanitary products and coffee grounds etc (to keep the good bacteria in our septic tanks happy!) and we make sure we use eco products in all our units. Keeping up this focus on sustainability and being eco-friendly will ensure we are all able to enjoy the property trouble-free for years to come.

Boho Hill is inspired by Bali, with boho chic type styling. It is the perfect place for couples to get away for a romantic weekend, or if you want the whole family to stay you could book more than one unit. We are located just a short walk away from Palm Beach, one of the best beaches on Waiheke. There is so much to do in the area, if you don’t end up just staying on the property the whole time, as many people have!

Your hosts, Michelle and Neill, have so much local knowledge and are more than willing to help out. Please let us know if you have any questions about the property or the island. We look forward to having you stay!

The lush Nikau forest
The lush Nikau forest

Neill and Michelle Clarke
Neill and Michelle Clarke

Our Story

At 3am one morning in 2017, my husband, Neill, sat bolt upright in bed.
He turned to me and said: “How would you like to live in Bali three months of the year?” 
I said: “No way. How?”
He then told me about a property on Waiheke Island he had been trying to sell for a year, which had just been taken off the market. He claimed that nobody could see its potential, sadly.
“Go on then, buy it,” I said, “but ONLY if you CAN promise me we’d live in our little slice of Bali for three months of every year.”
He promised. 

A month before we took possession, he said he couldn’t believe I hadn’t gone to see what we’d bought and that I’d better go and take a look. I said I didn’t have to because I was confident that whatever he’d bought, I was going to Bali! Every year. For a few months. He’d promised! 

I did eventually go and take a look but only the week before we moved in. Suffice to say I couldn’t talk for a week! What we’d bought was once part of a visitors’ facility. There were four wee dwellings in varying states of disrepair. One had to be properly rebuilt. Honestly, standing there and taking it all in, you’d have seen my tonsils. My jaw was on the floor. It was a renovator’s nightmare.

After it all sunk in and I could see the birds for the trees (literally), only then did it hit me that what we’d purchased was undeniably a gem. A home and income opportunity (stuff dreams are made of); hidden in amongst a lush trove of mature Nikau palms and a myriad of beautiful bird-life to boot. Shock turned to awe. 

I needn’t have been afraid. My husband’s second name is Crusoe; as in Robinson Crusoe. Neill is a total Adventurer; he dragged me off to Madagascar on our honeymoon. Twice! All I was allowed to pack was a raincoat poncho, togs, a sarong and a pair of hiking boots. He’s also a passionate Eco Warrior and into everything sustainable. I had the right guy for the job! If this wasn’t enough, he’d also invested in 18 acres on Great Barrier Island, where he wanted to build off the grid boutique accommodation. You see, our fun had only just begun. 

This property on Waiheke took us a year and a half of hard slog to complete; but with the help of our handy apprentice (then) Builder son, Josh, and with my experience as a Props Buyer in the film industry, Neill’s green fingers and ‘MacGyver’ handyman skills; we created Boho Hill Boutique Accommodation. For a year, almost two, we listed the studio and the main cottage with various online booking platforms, offering couples a unique romantic escape.

Well, the speedy success of it took our breath away...What we’ve created are seductive, light filled spaces with a feeling of absolute serenity and calmness ... an escape from the world and something truly special for guests to enjoy. 

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